The event took place on Friday 6th February 2015 in G B H S Kosala with eight schools taking part the schools were:
G B H S Kosala
Diligent Bilingual Academy
BHS Kang Barombi
GHS Kumba Mbeng
GHS Nkamlikum
Multipurpose Youth Empowerment Center
Lords Biligual Academy (LBA)
The activities started at 10am with a welcome word from manager of school program then the schools were divided into two pools.
Pool A: GBHS Kosala, LBA, GHS Nkamlikum and MYEC.
Pool B: Diligent, GLOBICCOL ,GHS Kumba Mbeng and BHS.
Each match had educational theme. The first round the theme was Fair Play, Semi final it was Sportmanship and the final the theme was Football for Peace. The youths did their session before the match.The tournament was base on CFDP’s plus 7 model and after the first round of 3 matches each school played.
GBHS kosala and LBA were 1st and 2nd in pool A while Pool B Diligent and GHS kumba Mbeng were 1st and 2nd who played the semi final.
The finals was then played between Diligent Bilingual Academy and GHS Kumba Mbeng and Diligent was the Champion!! At the end of tournament prizes were given to all the youths who took part.They had T-shirt each and the 1st three schools went back with a file, book,ruler, and packet of pencil. A shield was awarded to the Diligent Bilingual Academy as the overall champion of the maiden football festival tournament.
A word of thanks was given to the youths by the founder Mr Justin Forzano. The event ended around 1pm when everyone returned joyously to their respective homes.