In the past few years CameroonFDP has been fortunate to be able to partner with local football clubs which has allowed the organization to expand its impact on youths around the community. Through the partnership with Legend Academy in Kumba, the organization has more access to both boys and girls football players and provide them education on life skills and other opportunities.
CameroonFDP intern Madison Clark attended one of the Legend academy practice session to talk about upcoming youths leadership opportunity the establishment of youth council in CameroonFDP sites. Legend Academy was one of two location chosen to jumpstart this initiative due to the number of active youths both boys and girls in the club, followed by a session filled with football drills and games. Madison spoke to the players explaining the roles, responsibilities, applications and election process. She also highlighted the importance of a gender equal council and encouraged both boys and girls to run for the council. There were many participants eager to take an application and partake in this new opportunity provided by CameroonFDP. Next week following elections the first ever play4purpose youth council will be established. By implementing youth councils in communities, CameroonFDP hopes to provide leadership opportunities for participants, allowing them to build a foundation of professional skills that will enrich their future.