From the Field

First PLAY4PURPOSE pre leagues games kick off in Nkamlikum community this September,
Youths select match delegates and referees to serve as officials during tournaments. Match delegates serve as ‘football peer educators and mentors’ who oversee all activities on the field and on the sidelines during games.
Results: 5 from Kosala, 3 from Kabata, 4 from Buea Road

From the Sideline

The youths in Kosala community took advantage of the early morning’s bright weather last Monday to carry out a second community service, with all the youths present and on time 7am with their cutlasses headed by their community leader; Fon Bidias. The entire duration of work took close to three hours and at the end the youth were more than excited seeing what little hands could accomplish; a clean and safe play ground which had been a disturbing factor for more than three weeks. In the weeks and months ahead the youth council with coordinate and oversee the implementation of more community service projects in Kosala. As much as the youths all love to play football, they equally want to be role models in their community though volunteerism in solving problems they identify. CameroonFDP staff members were also present to encourage the youths for taking up such initiative. The next community service will take place in Nkamlikum came for more updates.

From the Office

Brainstorming session by the management team involving three program groups reviewed August and programmed the month of September.

Youth Participation Update excel spreadsheets with July and August participation records for all neighborhoods and Analyze data collected at end of month surveys. Leadership and Education – Develop details of “modules” for training sessions, including the following, Clear learning outcomes for each module, Provide more detail to Curriculum for Be a Team Player topic – 4 weeks of “layers” each one building on the other and Football for Good Add football games to connect with curriculum topic breakdown mention and reaction of parents who received CameroonFDP flyers from their kids.

CamroonFDP is more than a sports organization. We dedicate much of our time to the social component of our programs. While the youth may only come out to play soccer, they go home with something more. Each time our leaders in Cameroon work with boys and girls during our after-school programs, the message is more than improving soccer skills. Because we step outside the classroom to educate the youth, they become more receptive to the topics of the different discussions we engage them in. Sometimes we forget how much we can learn when we are having fun!