The matches started at 3pm with the CFDP match procedures and the theme was based on the second module “where girls and boys should be equal” and followed by the motivational statement:
“Gender equity leads to gender equality, where men and women enjoy equal political, social and economic status.”
The center referee was Nkolaka Valentine while Ngome and Power were assistant referees for the matches this weekend.
On Saturday, Brescia F.C. faced off against Legends F.C. Mbah Yanick, of Brescia, notched the first goal in the 10th minute of play and later in the first half, number 17 Betumbi Claude equalized for Legend F.C. Both teams had one goal at the end of regulation time, which would have been a draw in any other league. However, Brescia emerged victorious with one additional points in the standings, for the entire team arriving at the field on time. Legends F.C. arrived to the field late, which saw them lose a point on the day.
Final Result:
Brescia F.C. – 7 CFDP points + 1 FIFA point = 8 points
Legends F.C. – 6 CFDP points + 1 FIFA point = 7 points
On Sunday, Wumjeck F.C. faced off against Kumba Lakers. One player from Wumjeck came to the field late, so they started the day off at a disadvantage with minus 1 CFDP point. However, thanks to a goal in the second half, they collected three FIFA points and got the win! During match play, a player committed a foul which resulted in the Nkolaka giving a yellow card. Minus one point again for the team who could have taken advantage of a leap in the standings by following CFDP rules which promote community development, good sportsmanship, and fair play.
Final Result:
Wumjeck F.C. – 5 CFDP points + 3 FIFA points = 8 points
Kumba Lakers – 7 CFDP points + 0 FIFA points = 7 points
Stay tuned for updates from this season of the Kumba U-14 boys league to promote gender equity as action continues in two weeks.