IMG_20150315_152324The GPS FIELD kumba town,was jam parked with spectators on saturday to watch the match between,Brecia FC of Hausa quarters and Arsenal FC of kossala.The match started at exactly 2:30 pm with life skills. By 3pm the referee kick-started the match proper,the first 30 minutes of the game was characterized by a showcase of talents by this youths,not until the 43rd minute when Brescia FC opened score through a goal mouth tussle.This score ended the first half of the game. Arsenal FC mounted pressure on the first 30 minutes of the second half of the game but no goal was scored, Brescia FC had to re-enforce its defense line with the coming in of two new players,this action neutralized pressure from Arsenals attack line. The match ended with a 1-0 win by Brescia FC on the pitch and a plus 7 points from life skills, that makes a total of 10 points for Brescia FC and 7 points for Arsenal.IMG_20150315_152346
Sunday witnessed the match between WUMJECKFC, of metta quarters and ST PETER FC of Fiango still at the GPS stadium. The two teams made it late to the pitch and were deducted a point each for punctuality according to laws guiding CFDP competitions. The match started at 3pm, with brilliant and matured play styles demonstrated by the two teams.The match had a temporal break at the 34thminute of the first half, when supporters of wumjeck FC enter the pitch on claims, that they have been cheated of a penalty by the central referee.However, the match delegate managed the crisis and play resumed after five minutes, the first half ended with a zero tie. The second half began with series of narrow misses from each side, not until the 88th minute, when st peter was given a penalty due to a pushing foul committed on wumjecks goal area. The captain for st .peter, missed its opportunity.The match ended with a zero tie, when the CFDP rules were implemented, Wumjeck FC, loose a point because of a yellow card obtained during the first half.The final point system ended at 5 points for wumjeck FC and 6 points for st.peter FC ,who were the victor .However their fans went home disappointed for not winning on the pitch, they blamed their captain for the penalty miss.