The training was carried out on Saturday the 28th of October 2020, at our training venue at Nkamlikum.   Activities kick-started at 2:30 pm with an impressive turn out of youths, Five elected youths to serve as youth councilors  were removed from the crow. Though the other youths would have loved to be part of the training, they only watched from the sides. Roles and responsibilities of their various functions was read by the community leader, beginning with the President, by name Robert, who had the following responsibilities: preside over youth council meetings; act as liaison with the organization; provide reports  to the office and organize workshops in the community.

Killian gives additional information about Youth Council responsibilities to their community before the training of newly-elected members commenced.

The Communication Chair, by name Miltin, had the responsibility of taking down roll calls and minutes during meetings, giving out information to youth in his community and collecting information from youths for onward transmission to the office.

The Community Service Chair, by name Helfred, had the role of identifying and planning community service projects, recruiting volunteers for each community service event, and documenting each community service project with a report and pictures.

The social impact chair also known as the vice president:  Is Ngu Donatus he had the functions of coordinating activities in the community   like sessions, games and workshops, Fill in during the absence of the president, and provide assistance for recruiting youth in their community.

From Left: Donatus, Helfred, Milton, and Robert.

The newly  trained leaders went to work immediately by taking full charge at the Open Field session of the day.  At the end of the session, the new executive distributed biscuits and sweets to their friends, thanking them for the confidence they bestowed in them, and promised to give their best. This training session reawakened their leadership skillis in most of these youths, since many promised to run after this council’s mandate.

The President, on behalf of his executive, thanked the Open Field staff on site, Coach Wallace and Coach Killian, and assured them that his team will not fail them as they exercise their duties to lead their peers.