The Nkamanyi Football Initiative (NFI) was created in Kumba by the Nkamanyi family with the goal of supporting children in order to learn and develop their skills through the game of football. Clement Nkamanyi, who is a consultant engineer and software developer in Germany, created the organization because of his love for football. He also has a son who plays soccer and this inspired him to create this program with support from his family.
On Friday 1st April 2016, the organization held a forum, explaining what NFI is all about, how they will operate, and future plans for their program. Since the program’s creation, they have been working with 12 clubs and have played over 70 games. Our Super Cup Champions, Brescia FC, has emerged as a finalist in these games.
The president of the Meme Youth Football Association, Mr. Jerome Nangue, is pleased with the initiative and said if programs like these are created in town, then many talented youths will realize their dreams and become future footballers. He explained what inspired him to create a football association; he also was a player before he got injured and decided to quit playing. However, he still had a passionate for the game. He further said what actually gave him the push to do this is his son who is a footballer in South Africa.
The Director of CameroonFDP was also given the floor. He said that it was a pleasure to collaborate with them and shared his experience working with CameroonFDP; a sports for social impact organization that uses the beautiful game of football to change the lives of youths in Kumba and has been doing so for the past 5 years. He strongly advised the coaches that the youths they work with depend so much on their ability to mentor and inspire them as positive role models. They have a vital role to play in the lives of the youths because of their love for football. He further explains that the outcome of these kids greatly depends on the character of the coach. For example, a negative coach will impact a player negatively, while a positive coach will impact the youth positively. The Director of CameroonFDP also suggested that the coaches should create a strong relationship with the parents of the youths they work with to ensure they best understand what their program is all about so that parents can be supportive of their child’s activities.
Madam Azeme Rose, who is the president of a sporting football club called Allez-Poque was also present and empowered the parents who were there as she happens to be the only female football president in Kumba. She also has one of the best veteran football clubs in town. She represents a role model to girls in town with passion on football. Overall, it was a great meeting, where many leaders in Kumba collaborated and planned the future of sport for development.