No strategic collaboration since CFDP’s inception in 2010 has produced such tremendous impact to the team and volunteers as the historic two weeks visit of Federation Sportif de Salaberry FSS, from Montreal Canada to kumba and CFDP’s first ever amplified training facilitated by legendary FIFA certified Lady Coach; Isabel Julian in the summer of 2011. At least this has been the most cherished memory until two years back when CFDP/CAC collaboration took effect. Each year CAC partners make a trip to Kumba, Cameroon on the invitation of CFDP, their two weeks is an amplification of Isabel and FSS’s. Unlike last years’ two weeks training course, Community Impact Coaches present at the session this year now have in their hands what makes those Coaches at CAC unique; the skill to adopt or create football games to address just any social problem. Ranging from tribalism, sexual harassment, school dropout, alcohol and drugs, corruption, prostitution, domestic violence, child labour, nutrition and health, financial problems etc tons of football games can be created or adopted to address these and many other issues. Football for social impact is fun and can greatly inspire social change.