CFDP’s operations in Mamfe would not have been succeeding if not of the personal efforts made by this dynamic teacher who aside his busy schedule mobilizes the coaches to run CFDP activities daily. A staff member of United Action for Children, whose passion and dedication for CFDP is beyond words. He ensures the smooth running of programs and the tournament, mobilizing coaches and youths each session day and at coach’s clinic.
He provides all the documentations and materials to the various clubs. Talking like a family man with kids, appreciates the organization for introducing such a wonderful initiative in Mamfe helping to groom the youths as positive role models in manyu Division. He pleaded that CFDP should not alter its Plus Seven model of the League and that every inherent value in the Plus Seven Model should be respected and implemented throughout the tournament as stated. He and his volunteer colleagues are grateful for the opportunity to work with CFDP and pledge to do better.