CameroonFDP country director  mr Peter Ngwane facilitate the last training workshop for the year 2016. during his introduction he reflected on Nelson Mandela code ” It is never done until you do it” Branding and communication was based on certain key objective based onpeter
Understanding corporate Branding
Understanding Key areas of Corporate Branding
Branding CameroonFDP towards Professionalism
Social Media Branding
Meetings and Public Relations Branding
Radio Branding.
All this is to transform the staffs from practitioners to professionals in 2017.
Part two of the work shop was based on Administrative  letter Writing and Reporting, objectives include,
Structure of Administrative Letter
Styles of Presentation
Procedure for letter dispatch
Types of Administrative Letters
Follow up
Archiving “When you brand yourself properly,  competition becomes irrelevant.
 Merry Christmas and a Happy New year 2017.