Girls must go to school and became independent and great women, CameroonFDP is one of those NGO’S in Cameroon based in kumba that promote girls education in schools and in communities. Last year our curriculum was based on Gender and Sex, Power, Equality and Equity various ways to encourage and empower young girls with leadership qualities. we empower them to reach for their dreams and build better lives for themselves and their communities. Only when investments in programs for girls on issues that particularly affect them – due to both their age and gender – are complemented with corresponding investments in data on girls, can we make real progress towards greater accountability in domains of critical importance to them. Girls are the most powerful force for change on planet earth. We educate and empower girls and young women yearly, allowing them to rise out of poverty, which will provide their families’ health, well being, hope, smile, and a future. After participation in the Girls tournament and leadership workshops, girls and young women are able to give back to their community and help pull other girls and women out of the cycle of inter-generational poverty and illiteracy. Our goal is to close the gender gap.