Soccer For Maxwell

Maxwell, age 13, was born with a rare form of Skeletal Dysplasia (kwashiorkor). The father is a missionary who moved from place to place to preach the Gospel and the mother; a social worker under the ministry of social affairs. Etta has three brothers who play football in different sporting institutions; all Maxwell could do then was watch while his brothers play. Maxwell’s life changed when he joined CameroonFDP two years ago.

He was able to participate in all sessions in Nkamlikum, more importantly; he became part of Kabate team. He never felt out of place or that everyone was looking down on him, as he did sometimes in his everyday life. His life has changed dramatically since joining Kabate and playing and learning new core values and football drills with peers. Maxwell is so happy doing the things “regular” kids get to do and his parents report that he has more self-confidence and is more willing to try new things.