There are many ways to celebrate the Third Annual International Day of Sport for Development and Peace (IDSDP), which will held on April 6th this year. One way is to share videos with friends, family, and students. For example, this Olympic video shows Flavio Canto sharing his experience with sport for development. As a Brazilian judoka and jiu-jitsu black belt, he has won several medals at the Pan American Games and also a bronze medal in the 2004 Summer Olympics. After realizing that sport could help others, Flavio founded the Reaction Institute in 2003 to promote human development and social inclusion through sports and education in Brazil. He has since stopped competing and dedicated his career to his students. Flavio’s main goals are to help his students realize their potential and achieve their goals.
Another video to share is this Olympic video of Aya Medany, an Egyptian pentathlete. She competed in both the 2004 and 2008 summer Olympics, in which she was the youngest pentathlete at the age of 15. She also is a five-time African champion. As a pentalthete, she competed in swimming, horseback riding, fencing, pistol shooting, and running events. As an Egyptian women, she now campaign’s for women’s and girls’ participation in sport. With her status, she promotes equal opportunity for women and men in sport.
These videos are great, easy ways to introduce IDSDP and the idea of sport for development to others!