Aroke Rene from a peasant family dropped out of school because the father worked with the ministry of Penitentiary, a correctional institution for those convicted of major crimes, the father abandoned him with the sick grandfather, and the mother a peasant farmer, He dropped out of school in form one at the age of 10 years, because the mother could not meet up with the bills at home and was unable to pay his fees due to lack of resources. He became a very wayward boy and a nuisance to his community, he was into smoking local paper and with the influence of bad friends and idleness he moved on to cigarettes and different hard drugs worst of it he did not buy any of these drugs rather he stole them from any store he came across in his community. The mother introduced him to groundnut and maize farming which he reluctantly agreed because his responsibility was harvesting and transporting while the mother concentrates on planting. He goes to the farm three times a week (Monday, Friday and Saturday), When coming back from the farm, he admired his peers attending the CameroonFDP session. He watch from distance for one month and started participating especially when he realized that it was free registration, he has been attending session for three years and slowly he gained motivation to go to the farm often just so on his way, he can sit down and watch new football drills and life skills, with his peers especially on the topic self respect wish completely revolutionized his mentality. Thanks to CameroonFDP Rene who was very lazy and disrespectful became a transformed person a very smart kid after benefiting from basic life skills topics like self Respect and Accept Responsibility. Best of it all, he has gone back to school after wasting one year at home, today he is a form four student in GBHS Kosala sponsored by his mother and he is seen as a role model because he showcases outstanding attitude of obedience during sessions, at home and in that same community he formerly terrorized