The Head Coach of Brescia; Atangana Modest when asked how he fills after qualifying to play the final; he said he is looking forward to it. Though it will be a difficult task he remains positive to emerge as champions this year because he has been defeated twice and that has served him and his players the lesson on team spirit .About his expectation he was confident and openly declared that he will win the match because his team is ready physically, technically, morally and even spiritually thanks to his technical bench that has always been there to advise him and encourage the players. He thanked the organization for given them training balls, cones and many other sporting gears. Those equipments have really been of help, he said he would never have gotten those equipments if not thanks to his participation in CFDP activities and especially the U-14 tournament. Coach Atangana Modest expressed his sincere gratitude to CFDP especially on the life skill topics, wish he believe has greatly transformed his players morally and are different from other youths in other sporting centers in kumba not involved with CFDP program. After the match coach modest was very happy and express joy and satisfaction to CFDP for a successful tournament and also with his players for playing so well. He pledges that he will mend his loopholes and cover his lapses so he wins the super cup trophy as well. IMG_6483