Picture this. You gear up for a game. Your jersey is on. You’re lacing up your boots as you envision yourself scoring the game-winning goal as you lead your team to the win. There’s no better feeling.

Soccer has the power to teach youth how to lead and inspire. They learn how to be the best version of themselves on the field and that carries over into their communities. Unfortunately, there’s some youth who don’t have access to the equipment they need to play the sport.

Did you know that soccer can change lives? We believe it. We see it every day. And you can be a part of it! Give the gift of gently used soccer equipment to youth in Open Field programs. That gently used soccer equipment will then make its way over to Cameroon, where it will change the life of a young player who gets to have that feeling of getting ready for a game. They’ll know what it’s like to put on their jersey, lace up their boots, and score that winning goal or make the game-saving play. Your donation will make that feeling a reality. 

You may think it’s only a piece of equipment. But to someone else, it’s a door opening to a whole new world. You’re giving the gift of soccer and a brighter future. 

Players: donate your jerseys, cleats, and soccer balls!

Coaches: we’ll take any gear you have! Team sets of jerseys and bags of soccer balls are encouraged!

Play it forward for the good in sport and donate your gently used soccer equipment today by visiting https://openfieldintl.org/equipment/ or emailing contact@openfieldintl.org.