“If you chase a man and he runs past his village forgets him” Not much can ever be said that has not been said or
heard about man and his origin. Today we look at CFDP and its humble beginning. It was summer time and the cradle was the small arm like office, down town Commonwealth avenue Kumba were it all started in 2010. Four years and ten months have come and gone with many great strides the birth place of CFDP holds and will forever hold the most cherished memories of all times in the hearts of staff members and volunteers.
To fix you must mare. Reconstructing the commonwealth avenue of Kumba has forced CFDP out of its birth place to a new venue where fate still hangs on the air. We will never find the right combination of words to thank the chief architect of the home where CFDP was born some four years and ten months ago. Pa Nweke Josephat, a patron of the organization, a man whose sense of responsibility to the organization and staff members whom he sees as his children is more than any combination of men and women in the name of a BOD or BOC. May he live till we grow old as he is today!
From the paved commonwealth avenue to the ever dusty and bumpy Kramah avenue where CFDP has found resettlement, whether temporal or permanent can never be comparative to where a child is born, as important as it is to humankind our birth place is the only real home. At the commonwealth avenue where the city of Kumba converges staff members of the organization prided themselves with a sense of prestige as they rubbed shoulders each day with bankers and prominent business persons who occupy the plush offices along the avenue. Our new location very adjacent to the high court is filled with law firms and many pupil lawyers and barristers at law who think they are the only ones who went to school so greeting you is not part of their culture.