Am blessed to have worked for different organizations in different portfolios throughout my professional life. This has given me quality, quantity, analytical and diagnostic capacity to articulate in any work environment and create an impact whenever, wherever am called to serve.
While in other organizations I worked as a junior staff with a few major challenges and frustrations, the picture in CFDP is an enlargement. Barely a few months after I joined the management team, I was given the rare privilege opportunity to be team leader; a portfolio with major challenges, pressure and frustrations. This has given me great experience and capacity to accommodate varied opinions, criticisms and professional disobedience from team mates.
However, and thanks to their support and especially the confidence bestowed on me by my immediate bosses, Founder and Co-founder; Justin Forzano and Peter Ngwane, I have been able to function in my current capacity. After more than a year, taking stock on how this has impacted me, I would say without mincing words that I stand today much more fulfilled as someone who has within this short period succeeded to transform himself from a thinker to a doer, an adviser to a leader…….whose capacity to lead has grown from strength to strength centered on the ability to make good decisions, plan, organize, direct and coordinate the program and activities of the program with the sole aim of accomplishing the mission and vision of the organization.
Personally, working in CFDP has given me community-wide recognition and respect. First, from the enthusiastic youths who upon seeing me several meters away, would put on a smile on the face and call me “sir”- an appellation reserved to honour educationists. Secondly, the community and school based leaders as well as the stakeholders who understands the impact of our program and activities to the youths and very much appreciate the content of our curriculum. Also, working in CFDP has given me the opportunity to;
 Learn and develop new skills and in turn serve as peer educator to others.
 Be of service to communities.
Professionally, it is an honour beyond words to lead a team of dedicated and highly motivated men and women with a passion to incite change and bring development to their communities through sports; football. Through and with these brothers and sisters I have succeeded to activate and nurture my leadership potentials which will be of great benefit to me when I start pursuing my personal dream of becoming Founder/CEO of DICOM GROUP; a Consulting, Trading, Investment and Entertainment Company.
Today, if not with dexterity and near perfection, I can effectively organize and manage programs and activities as well as motivate others to devote and contribute to goals accomplishment.
I want to use this forum to thank Mr. Aminkeng Brian Nzefeh through whom I gain entry and acceptance into CFDP. Whatever blessings I have from CFDP I owe it to him. As well as Mr. Justin Forzano for his constant Collins this is good and I think we can make it better if we present the idea this way or modify it to best address the situation. All these has given me the ability to learn and get better from any angle. Permit me above all to extend this same gratitude to Mr. Ngwane Peter, he too in no small way has helped me to improve from my challenges as leader of CFDP Kumba Office.