After peaceful protests in December turned violent in some cities and towns in Cameroon, many youth took to social media websites and communications platforms to shine a light on an otherwise very dark situation. After a few weeks of “ghost town” protests – where everyone stays indoors, with all businesses closed and no one moving around town – the government shut down the internet. Just like that. Read more about it in this piece in the Economist.
Still, CameroonFDP is moving forward. We won’t go into the details as to what it takes to operate under such circumstances, but know that it’s not easy. We’ve been holding meetings with our coaches and youth participants over the last month and look forward to getting back on to the field next week. Despite the struggle, we are reminded that nothing good comes easy. We are more determined now than ever before to engage as many youth in our grassroots football activities.
Our teams in Pittsburgh and Kumba have been working on a 3-year strategic plan: our 2020 vision. While the details are still being finalized, we look forward to sharing the concept with you in the weeks ahead!