Our Model

Our Approach

Our Sport for Good model provides transformative experiences and transferable skills to youth through sport. We partner with community groups to integrate our approach to Sport for Good into their youth development activities to help achieve common goals.
Youth Experience

Youth Experience

- Leadership roles as referees and match delegates
- Mentoring relationships as coaches and team captains
- Integrity and respect as key elements of all competitions
- Part-time jobs in their community

Youth Benefit

Youth Learn

- Communication
- Teamwork
- Conflict resolution
- Personal responsibility

What is Sport for Good?
Sport for Good, also known as ‘sport for development and peace’ or ‘sport-based youth development’, is a theory and practice for youth engagement that leverages the passion and character-building attributes inherent in sport to create positive outcomes in the lives of participants far beyond the playing surface. A successful Sport for Good initiative is intentional in the design and implementation of activities that go above and beyond traditional sport instruction.

United Nations Sustainable Development Goals

Through our approach, we are striving to make an impact in communities where we work on four key areas that align with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals.





Gender Equality

Gender Equity