While we cannot be together, we can still be connected! Our virtual programs serve youth in their homes anywhere in the world, starting right here in Pittsburgh. We welcome anyone to join in our program.

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Virtual Program

Introduction - Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

Week 4

Our videos include two components:

Physical Activity


Physical Activity – warm-ups and exercises to get kids moving inside their home. Our coaches will describe the activities in the video. Kids are to repeat 3 times in a row. No equipment is necessary. We just encourage:

    1. parental permission
    2. safe space free of clutter and sharp/hard surfaces
    3. water to stay hydrated!

Life Skills Challenge

Life Skills Challenge – Our coaches will highlight a health or social topic for kids to reflect on during the week. Kids can respond in one of three ways:


    1. draw a picture
    2. write a story (how does this apply in your life? How do you feel about it?)
    3. tell a story (video, maximum 3 minutes, can be storytelling or acting it out with siblings or other family members living in the home)


Take a short video doing one of the physical activities and dedicate it to the Open Field family across the world! Be sure to tag @openfieldintl on Instagram or Facebook and use the hashtag #openfieldfamily

Report back!

We want to hear your results! How did you like the program? We’ll share updates and award prizes for engagement!

Share your results:

1. Send a direct message to us on Facebook or Instagram

2. Email us: contact@openfieldintl.org


1. Open Field swag and soccer gear

2. Care packages with essential quarantine goodies