Community Tournaments Kick Off Last Week With Enthusiasm

It has a population of over 5000 inhabitants and is divided into four sub quarters headed by local quarter heads and is dominated by farmers and a few business persons. This community has five secondary schools and four primary schools coincidentally CameroonFDP programs started in GHS Nkamlikum and many outstanding youths like Enow David are products from this institution.

Inhabitants of this community encourage and support sports programs; they find time to visit their kids during sessions to see what they are doing, more so this area has three other football Academies headed by coaches who benefits from CameroonFDP trainings.

The incorporation of football drills and life skill topics has created great impact in the lives of the youths in this community evident from the fact that most of the youths who dropped out of school and became delinquent, through CameroonFDP rich curriculum and core values were transformed integrated in their community