Tchapda Nana is the youngest and the only male child of his parents out of five siblings, the father a lawyer and the mother an Accountant, who grow up in affluence and leisure thus he became very stubborn because he spent more time with negative peers and listen to no one even his parents and teachers. He was dismissed from three schools in the Kumba II municipality (Diligent bilingual, PCSS Fiango and ST Francis College) within one Academic year, due to disrespect of school rules and regulation and was always attacking his mates with a fight. At the age of eight several attempts was made by the mother to send him to a reformation center called Boster Institute in Buea south west Region but it failed. Respect to his parents or siblings only came when it had to earn him some money. He never followed his family to church service on Sundays; he was in fact a bad influence to any youth in his community because his stubbornness was based on his conviction. The mother tried to compare the son with other two boys of that neighborhood who are well behaved and they told him about the CameroonFDP program that keeps them busy with sports and life skills. This piece of information she got from the other youths gave her a new perspective. She personally followed the other youths with her son to the field and registered him through the community leader Fon Bidias, and she passes at the field most often and watch him attend sessions in Kosala. After more than a month of regular attendance, Nana gained passion for the program and with the positive influence he was getting from peers, Nana, slowly abandoned his old ways of been disrespectful to people , and took personal responsibility to be a changed person exhibiting leadership quality of braveness and boldness to address the crowd. With such admiration from his peers he was elected as one of the youth council member in the CameroonFDP Play4purpose youth Governance initiative.