Family pic
At the airport… finally… reflecting on a jam-packed 24 hours filled with some amazing people. As I embark on this journey, I want to be sure to savor every moment of it. In order to do so, I hope to make time for reflection and sharing. This is my first attempt… here goes!
8:30pm… rounding up an amazing event at Repair the World: Pittsburgh where 50+ friends came out to support the launching of #PLAY4PURPOSE: Change Lives Through Soccer
9:45pm – Alarm goes off after we finish up cleaning… wait for Pittsburgh Police to determine the coast is clear. Reset alarm… time to go home!
10:00pm – Hang out with my amazing sister Julianne who just got in from D.C. and helped with everything today!
11:30pm – Lights out!
7:00am – Morning meeting with some great folks + check in with Cameroon team
8:00am – Send out THANK YOUs to some amazing supporters
8:30am – Breakfast with Steph, Founder of Steel City F.C., semi-pro women’s soccer team in PGH
9:30am – Call with Angela at Global Links to discuss collaboration project… watch out for this in the fall!
10:00am – Meeting with Steel City World Cup partners at PUMP and Vibrant Pittsburgh (save the date for October 15th and 16th)
11:00am – Skype session with super-coach Isabel from Montreal… another team trip to Cameroon in 2017?!
12:00pm – Check in with Thrill Mill crew
12:30pm – Pack!
2:00pm – Quick thanks and good bye to Mama Sylvia, who prepared the jollof rice for the party / pick up toilitries at Target
3:00pm – Lunch with the FAM (Love them! Include mention of other amazing sister, Jenna, for good measure)
5:00pm – Print out sponsor packets and business cards (meetings in Douala as soon as we land!)
6:00pm – Meet up with Alain, our brother and storage facility landlord, for one quick glance at our equipment inventory (packing bags for other travelers!)
7:00pm – Depart for Airport
7:30pm – Re-pack! (as much as I tried to avoid it… )
8:00pm – Get boarding pass and head into airport.
Well, it’s almost time to start boarding… what a day! Thanks for taking the time to read… next post coming to you from Lyon, France!