Morial el Role Model In Nkamlikum Community

Moria-el age 13 years joined CameroonFDP program because he was trying to avoid getting into trouble with a gang of neighborhood boys in Nkamlikum community. He quickly integrated himself in the Kabate team and after a few weeks, he volunteered to keep equipment’s so he can always come to the field and prepare the field before session and after sessions, he would take the equipment’s home. It was not long, humble and friendly Morial – el was soon leading his peers seeking guidance and change.

The youths and the coach have recognized his leadership potential and when the youth governance initiative will be introduced in this community he will sure lead them as president. He recently recounted, ‘my favorite thing about CameroonFDP is the fact that I can learn so many new skills, games and play soccer outside of the pressures of family, school and peers’. Today, he is seen as a potential leader on whom his team relies on in achieving their goals.