CameroonFDP is close to launching the Boy’s League in both Kumba and Mamfe. The coaches have completed their training and are now ready for the upcoming tournaments. Take some time to meet our dedicated coaches!

Mamfe Coaches

IMG_8685Talbot Elvis Obi-Santos FC

IMG_8686Oben Jacob-Dream Soccer

IMG_8687Mbah Onel-Mia Hamm

IMG_8688Ekeh Nzue-Shafusa FC Mamfe

Kumba Coaches

2Ekokobe Atabong-St. Peter FC

IMG_8682Harrison Titu-Wumjeck FC

IMG_8684Ebika Henry-Arsenal FC

IMG_8690Ngah Gabriel-Beststar FC

IMG_8691Etoh Kingsley-Legend FC

IMG_8692Anjah Tracen-Brescia FC