The match started about 5pm due to inter service that was going on at G P S. The theme for the day was UNDERSTANDING THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN BOYS AND GIRLS. The match procedure was actually followed but ST. PETER did a different ice breaker from that of the module three which end her score a zero.
On the field of play for the 1st match during the 1st half they were zero on both site upon resumption during the 2nd half a striker from ST.PETER by name Klovert who was putting on jersey number 12 scored an opening goal in 25 minutes of played and the scored ended like that and finally ST.PETER had 9 points while WUMJECK had 7 points.
For the second match between ARSENAL and BRESCIA, they played well, the match finally ended zero for both site and the points were ARSENAL FC had 5 points while BRESCIA FC had 8 points.