“Participating in CameroonFDP activities for the past five years has made me a confident and determined student. During my humble days as a Form 3 student in GHS Kosala, I met with Coach Caroline who then was in charge of CameroonFDP after school session in GSS Kosala now GHS Kosala. She found leadership qualities in me and encouraged me to find strength in leading my peers. In no time, I was helping her to run sessions and I can remember a few times she asked me to take control and run session for the day while she watches us and dashes in to correct me.
That year we emerged second at the competitive end-of-year gathering, competing against several other schools and clubs in Kumba. The following year, I became full-time leader in our school and continued running session for one year in the absence of Coach Caroline, who had taken on other responsibilities with CameroonFDP.  I find great pleasure participating in all CameroonFDP programs. That’s why I spent time informing others about the importance of participating in this program. I am 16 years old and will be attending university next year. I must be an ambassador for CameroonFDP where ever I find myself.”