This past weekend, there were two games in Mamfe. The first game was between Santos and Nikoto on Sunday, February 28, 2016.

IMG_8832Players from Santos and Nikoto prepare for the match.

IMG_8834Nikoto FC

IMG_8835Santos FC

IMG_8838Players shake hands before the game, promoting fair play and good sportsmanship.


IMG_8841Players from both teams read the motivational statement. This focused on gender and how boys and girls should be entitled to justice and equality regardless of their gender differences.

IMG_8833There was one goal scored during the first half by Santos player Eyong Ben Rawrings. He was also named the Man of the Match. Thanks to Eyong Ben’s goal, the match ended 1-0 in favor of Santos FC.

The second match on Sunday was between Dream Soccer and Mia Ham. Players prepared for the match and warmed up. Then both teams read the motivational statement and played a competitive match that ended in a tie, 0-0.