DSC_0000006The community faced a lot of difficulty with movement during the rainy season as the road leaving into the village is usually at a very poor state. Coach Okacha and his players surveyed the road and decided to work at particular spots that made transportation of goods and people a nightmarish adventure.
The site coordinator, Mr. Mbong Martin informed the Chief and the organizing committee of the Ndom Inter-quarter football solidarity cup of the project who sent some community members to support their initiative.
Tuesday 25th August was confirmed as the day of implementation of the community project.
The community provided a wheel barrow, two spades and a digger to Liverpool Club to aid them in their work. The project was very successful at the end because the bad spots of the road which hindered vehicles, motor bikes, and people are now practically passable. Kudos to CameroonFDP for providing development opportunities that empowers young people with leadership qualities to share with their peers thereby distinguishing themselves as role models by implementing a community service project.