Open Field and KPO’MA WOMEN first agreed to collaborate on youth development programs in Liberia in 2020 after Constance Mulbah and Theresa Andrews, co-founders of KPO’MA WOMEN, returned from their inaugural trip in 2019. Findings from their strengths and needs assessment, particularly with respect to youth in the community, pointed towards soccer as means to engage youth in productive, positive activities and learning experiences. In line with local leadership and guidance, Open Field’s programming in Liberia aims to address UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 4 Education and No. 8 Employment.


Open Field supports community-wide soccer competitions that mobilize stakeholders and bring youth together to discuss important issues they face and promote essential life skills. Tournaments operate under the banner of a social impact theme to ensure learning happens alongside play. Local leadership ensures cultural competence.


We believe that soccer fields can – and do – serve as more than playing grounds. They are spaces for positive social impact, whether that means creating a sense of belonging for youth on a soccer team, an outlet for healthy physical activity and care-free play, or a place for healing after a tragedy has occurred in the community. Intentional design and upgrades to soccer fields will increase the power of these spaces to improve communities.


To improve the aesthetic and function of soccer fields in Liberia, we enlist local craftsman, builders, and engineers to design and build essential components of the space. Goal posts, corner flags, and team benches improve the experience for players and coaches. Bleachers and a score board make spectators stay longer and support their team until the final whistle. And stalls for commercial activity promote local businesses and entrepreneurship among youth who want to play 90 minutes and hustle throughout ‘overtime’ making money for their family.


Our intentional design of international travel programs for Westerners brings about connections and experiences that increase the quality of life for all who are involved. College students may experience 1-2 months of living and working in international development in Liberia in partnership with local organizations involved in agriculture, sport, and health sectors. Adults (and their families) can experience 1-2 weeks of volunteering, learning, and participating in a new culture that will provide an unforgettable experience. Contact us to learn more. (link to contact page)