The youth leadership initiative by CameroonFDP is providing opportunities for youths in Kumba to access leadership training. It is also encouraging students to take responsibility for their actions  by working on several small projects from CameroonFDP to their respective communities.
The youths first received a lesson on what leadership is about, what qualities leaders share, and what motivates people to lead. The youths then received a lesson on setting goals, which is a fundamental foundation for effective leadership. All of the students were very impressive and even more impressive is the positive feedback one gets from these enthusiastic youths, who are so full with a passion for CameroonFDP and its ideal.
One team, Legend FC, embarked in community service at the Ma Azi Orphanage to encourage other peers to became better leaders, despite their current conditions. After cleaning the compound, they shared a meal with the youth. Thanks to Coach Kingsley of Legend FC for organizing the day!