The Venue for the finals of this years’ youth League was Government Bilingual Teachers Training College (GBTTC) Kumba field. The arrival of teams was scheduled for 2pm and at 2.30.p.m, both teams started their session followed by a role play on Gender and sex; a man acting like a woman. At 3pm the delegate of sports and physical education arrived the pitch, fifteen minutes after his arrival the delegate accompanied by CFDP Director of Operations, Director of the League and Jay Clay the New intern from the US initiated the match kick off. The two teams engaged into action and 15 minutes into play Brescia FC scored their first goal. The goal was scored by Remy, wearing jersey number 10. At half time it was Brescia 1- 0 Arsenal.
Upon resumption of the second half, Brescia dominated the match they scored two goals in the 36th and 40th minutes. Goals scored by Frank and Tabe respectively. The match ended 3 goals to 0 in favor of Brescia; 2015 U-14 champions in Kumba.
Award of prizes: The 20 players of both teams including the head coaches and assistant each received a medal. The Champion got a shield and championship trophy, while the runners up received a shield. Award was also given to referees and individual performance during the league. Although arsenal lost the match they were very happy with medals given to them. The delegate of sport and physical education gave a word of thanks to CFDP for organizing and empowering the youths with sporting activities since four years now. The delegate encouraged the youths to take CFDP activities Serious as it now serves as the foundation for grassroots football in Kumba municipality