This weekend proved to be one of many firsts. For some of the youth who played on Friday, it was their first time leaving their village; their first time staying in a hotel (3 star hotel, for that matter). For coaches, it was the first time experiencing a tournament in another city and a reward for their hard work over the past year. For us, it was the first time hosting a first-class regional competition with global support.
After the whistle blew for the final time, and the awards were presented, we continued to invest in our youth. Thanks to our brilliant partners, Eddy Hope Foundation, the leadership workshop was an inspiration to both coaches and players.
To round out the event, youth shouted “We are leaders! We are role models! We can change our community!”
Before heading home early Saturday morning, coaches expressed their sincere gratitude and promised to meet the August 31st goalpost for their team’s community service projects. We look forward to sharing more with you.
Thanks to generous donations of 90+ supporters, we are within 18% of our goal of raising $10,000. Many of you have already contributed. But if you haven’t, now is your chance!! We have two days remaining – the campaign ends Monday night.
Please take a moment to give something. And together we will continue to change the lives of these youth in