On Saturday February 27th, Brescia FC  and St. Petersburg FC played at the Government Primary School in Kumba. It was a close match but Brescia came out on top after a goal scored by number 11, Chimi Frank.

IMG_8842Brescia FC ready to play.

IMG_8843St. Petersburg FC also looking forward to a good match.

IMG_8844Captains of St. Petersburg and Brescia FC

IMG_8845Abengang Runt, a form five student at PYC Fiango, reads the motivational statement on Gender and Power. It stated, “In our society today, men always try to trample on women because they think they are more powerful. This is not good. A woman is just like a man. They are strong enough to make their own decisions and benefit from the results. Boys and girls must exercise their rights of control and decide freely and responsibly on matters related to sexuality.”

IMG_8846The motivational statement is also read by Shiabi Rodrique, a form five student at CCAS Kumba.

IMG_8847Players from Brescia FC warm up for the game.

IMG_8848Brescia player Chimi Frank scored a goal during the first half, winning the game for the team.