On March 20th, Best Star played against Brescia at the GPS Kumba Town field. IMG_8973Brescia and Best Star show fair play by shaking hands before the match.

IMG_8975The referee asks players from Best Star questions about gender issues and equality.

IMG_8976The motivational statement is read by Brescia FC.

IMG_8977Team members discuss the issues of gender and power.

IMG_8979The motivational statement is also read by a player from Best Star FC.

IMG_8974Ultimately, Best Star FC was defeated by Brescia. Their coach is optimistic to perform better in the next match.

On March 27th, Legend FC played against Arsenal.

IMG_8980Both of the teams’ captains meet with the referee of the match.

IMG_8981Both teams were excited for kickoff.

IMG_8982Legend FC player reads the motivational statement on gender and power, which stated that women should have the opportunity to make their own decisions because they contribute to the advancement of society.IMG_8983The motivational statement is also read by Arsenal players, which stated that boys and girls must exercise their rights to decide freely over matters of sexuality.

IMG_8984Legend FC warms up for the match. Although neither of the teams scored any goals during the game, Legend was awarded 8 points for being prepared, being team players, and showing respect. Because of this, Legend carried the day.