On Sunday February 21st, the Kumba League launched. The first game was played between Wumjeck and Arsenal.

IMG_8743Wumjeck was excited to run new drills.

IMG_8744Wumjeck put practice into motion.

IMG_8745Team Arsenal was also ready to play.

IMG_8746Arsenal players warmed up for the game.

IMG_8748FECAFOOT officials were ready to watch the game.

IMG_8749Referees of the match were ready too.

IMG_8751Both teams promoted fair play by shaking hands before the game.

IMG_8753Wumjeck celebrated their 1-0 lead during halftime.

IMG_8755Arsenal was not discouraged. They were only more determined to win during the second half.

IMG_8754However, Wumjeck held their lead and won the game 1-0.

We are excited for more Kumba matches to come. Stay tuned!