I reached DC about an hour late – not Megabus’ fault, some construction along the way held us up. My Cameroonian mother (CFDP’s co-founder, Peter Ngwane’s Mum) promised me I could stay with the family a when I called a few weeks back, but somehow I managed to forget to follow up and confirm. I sheepishly called…
Mum: “Hm…hello?”
Me: “Hi Mum, how are you?” (Slight Cameroonian accent… Always fluctuates)
Mum: “K-man, na waoh for you.”
Me: “Sorry, Mum. Too much work. And school. Is it too late to arrange for me to stay there tonight? I can get a hotel”
Mum: “No problem. Just call Odette and come to the house later. I’ll be coming tomorrow. Better see you then.”
Me: “Yes mum. Thank you.”
That easy. I then called Odette, aka Ebude (country name), who promised Fufu and Eru tomorrow and informed me that we would be attending a wake keeping in the evening, as someone back home in Cameroon passed away. I’ll undoubtedly share much time with Kumba people this weekend.
Off to Greenbelt, Maryland to eat cockey corn and go and sleep me!
Home away from home.

Some members of the Pittsburgh Cameroonian family.