Passing out orders is as easy as passing out business cards. But a prudent leader should know how to lead himself or herself—not merely to provide a genuine example to others, but to become a working element of the overall machinery of an organization. “It’s important that leaders have the ability to focus and motivate themselves as they motivate others.
The training started at 7:30 am prompt with an opening prayer from the facilator, who asked God for protection all through the training and attendance was checked with 8 coaches present for the training. The Director of Operations welcomed all present and gave a rundown of the program. Thereafter, the Topic of the day was introduced Self Respect. Communication head; Nenne Ekoi laid emphasis on the Methodology and advised the coaches not to use games that do not relate to the topic of discussion.
After explaining to the coaches how to treat such a topic with the youths and the type of questions to ask the youths to know if they have an understanding of the topic, coaches were allowed to ask questions concerning the life skill for more clarification. Three CAC drills selected were presented to pass on the social message on Self Respect. The social messages via the drills actually enhanced comprehension of the life skills topic of discussion. The Director of Operations thanked and congratulated all the coaches for their active participation and encouraged their consistent coming to the training adding that they should use this opportunity to make a difference in the lives of the youths they work with as well as bring positive change to their communities.