The training started at about 7:30 a.m. with an opening prayer from Ekoi Nenne who asked God to guide us through the training. This was followed by an opening word from the Director of Operations who thank the coaches for coming and urges them to take the training very seriously. The coaches then completed the necessary documentations. The Director emphasized on three key components of the training; Methodology; +7 session overview and +7 game time overview, mastery of content life skill lesson and implementation of session.
To instill in the coaches the values they will also pass to the youths, seven coaches were randomly selected to read the core values of CameroonFDP. The methodology of operation was later explained to the coaches, room was later given for questions for more clarification.
At the core of the training was the life skill topic setting goals; a thought provoking and proactive life skill topic to both the youths and leaders to teach them how to handle life and be successful as they set smart goals. Three CAC drills were also selected on setting goals to show the link on how sessions should be run. The coaches then did some practical sessions and evaluation was done by the facilitators of the training; staff members of the Organization.
After announcement on the next convocation, clear expectations, the Director gave a closing remark thanking the coaches for their active participation. In all there were twelve coaches attended the training but eleven completed the training. Group and individual photos were taken to keep memories of the event.