The players from Legend FC arrived at the field first, followed by their coach, Kingsley. As they trickled in late in the morning of Saturday, May 28, 2016, they greeted members of the CameroonFDP management team who were busy preparing the field for the Championship Match. Moments later, Coach Harrison of Wumjeck FC arrived at the field, his players arriving behind him. Both teams had arrived for the final match – to test everything they had been working on for the past several weeks.
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Soon they began warming up, under the leadership of their coach-mentors, engaging in activities that exercised both the body and mind! Both teams were anxious to get on the field and compete for the Cup. The boys realized they were not only playing for the sake of playing, but to promote the message of the 2016 league which was gender equity. It was not long before the referees ventured to meet with each team and test what they had learned during the season about respecting girls and encouraging their female peers to be more confident and gain the skills they need to succeed in soccer, school, and in life.
Before kickoff, the team captains from each club read motivational statements about the theme of the match to the growing crowd on the sidelines. The Chairman of the occasion was the Divisional Delegate of Sport and Physical Education from Meme Division. The high table included a number of professionals from the Kumba community, including technical staff of FECAFOOT.
At the half, the game was tied 0-0. More people were coming to see the action which demonstrated the improvements of each club. After the full time, Legend FC emerged victorious with a 1 goal lead and took the cup home. Players and coach alike cheered in jubilation!
The day was a great success and a celebration of the many month of hard work put forth by players, coaches, administration, and management team to support our mission of youth development through sport. The Kumba community appreciated the initiative and we look forward to the next one!