“I enjoy being part of a team that is dedicated to helping youth to hope more, dream more, stretch their boundaries, plant seeds for a better tomorrow, and inspire others to be their best,” Kim Cermak, an Open Field board member, said. 

In her role with Open Field, Kim participates where necessary. Most recently, she has served on the Fundraising Committee and hosted fundraising events in the Philadelphia area. 

Kim believes the connection to a team provides a feeling of belonging, shared positive experience, and encouragement, continuing to add that when youth feel strong in their bodies, they feel strong in their mind and spirits.

“When youth, and girls in particular, act on a knowing that they can become so much more than society/family/culture has limited them to, and they are encouraged by mentors and coaches that support them, change begins,” Kim said. “Belief in self is a force of liberation and the momentum of sharing that energy with other team members is unleashed power and joy for the greater good.”

There are a ton of memories Kim has from her time with Open Field. She shared visiting Cameroon and the staff “was an experience [she] will always cherish.” Along with traveling to Cameroon, Kim enjoys to Taste of Africa events and the fundraisers in Philadelphia and everything they included – the soccer kicks from Jen Hoezel in high heels, godfather Clemens wearing an eye patch, Lora Finelli’s painting at the events, the live auction excitement and of course the after parties where Uncle Will is trying to dance

During the day, Kim consults, coaches, and trains in cross-cultural communication, management and leadership, and mindfulness and yoga.