I grew up in the Amazon rain forest in Peru, at 18yrs old I moved to Canada where I played football in university. I started a company called soccer shots in southern California and southern Florida. My company trains 3.000 children per week.
According to Joben every child needs a strong healthy positive role model; I want to build a company that serves children. Soccer is fun and it naturally draws children in an environment that children want to be.
I own a soccer (football) company that trains mostly 2- 9yrs old children in a non competitive skill development program. We use soccer as a platform for bringing character development lessons to young children. We currently employ 53 people running over 500 sessions per week.
For CameroonFDP to create more impact in the world, we need a set structured and organized curriculum for all coaches and an operating system that includes very clear,
Decision making process

Regular structured meeting

Clear 10yrs Goal, 3yrs, 1 yrs, quarterly and weekly goals, each short term goal designed to support and achieve a longer term goal.