Buea is vibrant partly thanks to the presence of a university and partly due to the societies’ ability to provide development opportunities that empowers the youth to create positive change. Any society where this is not the case badly needs a local JCI chapter. Our Green City; Kumba is a point in reference. Seeing how the presence of JCI local chapter was changing many societies around us we opted for a rebirth of a local chapter in Kumba. Blessed with little support from the City Council, municipal councils, local chapter senators and CFDP, we were able to launch the Kumba leadership academy. The sole aim is to provide development opportunities that will empower the youths to create positive change. The KLA will make the youths who go through it better leaders, better trainers, better entrepreneurs and better persons who can help transform the city of Kumba with a global network opportunities and foster active citizenship. The launch will not be possible without the presence of the2015 National President and BOD members to Kumba, the presence of strategic partners and other stakeholders. Many thanks to all who supported us.