We’d like to wish you a Happy New Year and thank you for supporting us, whether you were just introduced to us this year or have been with us for several.IMG_532455
Thanks to your support, 2013 has been the biggest and best year for CameroonFDP to date. Our youth and Cameroon have enjoyed our most prosperous and exciting programs yet, from the Youth Enrichment League to our Women’s Workshops. They are anticipating nearly 100 boxes of equipment that you sent to them.
Stateside, we held many great events in support of our programs, including three Play for a Purpose Tournaments and A Taste of Africa. We also welcomed multiple enthusiastic and talented new members to our board and staff. This year also saw us expand our reach to youth in Pittsburgh by working with children at the Wilkinsburg Boys and Girls Club. Finally, we have partnered with and continued to work with fantastic organizationsthat we cannot thank enough.
Our efforts will not stop there. With your continued support, together we will reach and impact more lives in 2014!