Open Field and Chris Nedelcovych Soccer Foundation (CNSF) signed a Memorandum of Understanding in 2020 to collaborate on programming in Guinea, West Africa. Mima Nedelcovych has been working in West Africa for more than 20 years and has built strong relationships with national and international stakeholders through his commitment to community development. With the support and guidance from a team of advisors, Open Field’s programming in Guinea aims to address UN Sustainable Development Goals No. 4 Education and No. 5 Gender Equity.


Open Field supports community-wide soccer competitions that mobilize stakeholders and bring youth together to discuss important issues they face and promote essential life skills. Tournaments operate under the banner of a social impact theme to ensure learning happens alongside play. Local leadership ensures cultural competence.


Promoting girls’ soccer in an area where it’s quite uncommon usually turns some heads. And we don’t shy away from leveraging the power of the global game to increase confidence, improve healthy relationships among peers, and build skills for the future in young women in Conakry to ensure they have the same opportunities as their brothers.


Open Field partners with The Emerging Africa Foundation to fulfill its mission to educate future generations of leaders in Africa through cultural and sporting activities. Capacity-building trainings are offered for coaches and student athletes who wish to excel off the soccer field as well.

Go to CNFS in Guinea to find out more about the genesis of this effort or contribute directly to these activities