CameroonFDP coaches got the opportunity to run a practical session with the girls yesterday following four weeks of training with staff members on the new curriculum and +7 session and game methodology. Closed to 40 girls attended session yesterday and were so excited with the program especially as session was facilitated by individuals with so much ambition to write their names on the list of retained coaches for the organization this year. The life skill topic and the football drills implemented yesterday had a unique appeal to the girls. Accept responsibility is an inheritance to an African girl child in a popularity context as against the boy child. The topic treated however provoked pragmatism and reality among the youths; that as young people they should sit up and accept responsibilities for the things that is theirs to do rather than blame them or their peers. Blending the life skill lesson and football drills and a few warm up exercises enhanced understanding of the topic. Next training will take place on Wednesday October 5th, 2016, hopefully the final at the hub of PS Fiango. Come back for more updates.