By Nenne Ekoi, Director of Programs

Kumba, Cameroon — We are a unique organization, we use youth to champion their own learning. The CameroonFDP girls league which was opened in April is now ready to launch! It’s amazing hearing and witnessing the scene: girls from and around Kumba coming to be trained as referees, match delegates and team captains.

We give opportunities to these young dynamic girls to take up leadership roles in their communities. As we trained them to be match officials, we also emphasized the need for transparency and accountability as watch words which will guide them as they go to their different communities to handle games.

We also congratulate our vibrant youth who took part in the just-ended Fenasco games which is a competition organized by the Minister of Secondary Education Prof. Nalova Lyonga to empower and encourage girls to take their education seriously. These girls are also now part of our match staff and handle games in their respected communities. They will enforce the topic of stopping gender violence as they handle games in their communities.