When girls participate in sports they are more likely to attend school, and step out as leaders in society
On the 2nd December 2015, there was a friendly encounter between the CameroonFDP girls soccer team VS Kanjas Football Academy at the St.Theres primary school field. Players from both team arrived at 3:00 pm while the officials at 3:30 pm. After a welcome speech from the league director Ngoe Wallace who was happy to see all the two teams at the pitch in time and advise them on CameroonFDP plus seven models. After 3 minutes of play Kema Janet sticker from CameroonFDP open the score with a spectacular dribbling that leads to a goal. It was so difficult for their opponent as at the end of the first half they were leading 3 goals to zero by Kema Janet. Upon arrival after the second half and with an inspiring and motivating messages from the coach of Kanjas, his players perform better than before until another goal from Kobe Stella making it 4-0. Just at the end of the additional time, Kobe Stella makes it again and the match ended 5 goals for CameroonFDP and zero for Kanjas Football Academy.