She lives in Fiango Kumba and is 19years old and school in Diligent Bilingual Academy. She plays football to become a model and also builds her up and gives her a good structure. She uses football as a means for relaxation of her brain and playing it keeps her happy and above all uses football as a means to challenge men. DSC05984She wants to create an impact in her community by playing professional soccer and also to be kind and generous to all that she comes across in life and above all to be educated to encourage other youths. CameroonFDP can help her to become a professional and also needs technical assistance that’s by correcting her wrongs making it to be right, take her in more competitions in and out of the town and training her to be stronger and healthy. She is the leader of her team Legend FC and she is willing and determined to be the champion of CameroonFdp girl’s tournament 2016